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Help: working on ATI mobility X1400


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Hello everyone,I have been unable to find a suitable driver for this graphics card that provides me native resolution: 1280x800. So I've been trying to take matters into my own hands. I am no developer, I really don't know what I am doing. I "feel" like I've made some progress.


I've done this so far:-Modified ATIinject.kext (attached) to include my EDID


It boots fine up until login screen where it just stays all blue. I've had varying results of editing the IOPCIMatch in that driver from "0000" to "7145". I've gotten blackscreen to pink lines through apple logo.


I'm thinking I need to find my "VendorID" and "DeviceID" and change those values as well. Only problem is, don't know how to find these. I've been looking in my Xorg.0.log from my linux install (attached) but I think the values are in hex.


Also, what does the ATINDRV.kext driver do? Do I need to change anything in there as well?


ANY help at all would be appreciated. Thank you.


EDIT: Ok, so I think I've figured out my device/vendor ID's:7145/1002, correct?


EDIT2:Well, I've deduced that the driver is doing its job. Its utilizing the hardware to attempt to drive the display. I believe the problem to be the display. Is there a driver for widescreen laptop displays?


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