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(How to) Intel DG965RY Motherboard ICH8 IDE HDs

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If you need XP and Leopard dualboot, you must set IDE instead of AHCI in BIOS (Windows XP have no support for AHCI).


The problem is that Leopard in IDE mode with this motherboard is too slow.


Ive edited AppleVIAATA.kext and AppleAHCIPort.kext to solve this !!! :P


xBench scores with this kexts are similar in IDE or AHCI mode, without this edited kext IDE score is half than AHCI mode.


Here is the kexts:






Tell me if it works ok for you please...

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Other solution (with 2 hard drives)


you can use nLite to create a new cd install of windows xp with ahci driver

and use F10 to select your drive (without bootloader) and so use GUID partition with Leopard


This is the solution i prefer for my Intel DQ965gf

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    • here it is,
    • Baio77 per me ciò che hai scritto è abbastanza "arabo" non ho capito nulla... comunque mi sono rivolto prevalentemente a questo forum per sistemare delle cose che non funzionavano e molto gentilmente Gengik me le ha sistemate, facendo lui però... io ho solo capito che l'impostazione per la grafica non va messa perché crea fastidiosi sfarfallii all'interno delle applicazioni nonché al finder nella parte superiore a sinistra (se leggi i post precedenti trovi le descrizioni)... stop sono riuscito a risolvere solo questa cosa da me leggendo anche in altri forum  proverò il tuo config.plist pulito e farò sapere. Grazie dell'aiuto
    •   Thank you Baio77. Here is my CLOVER folder and the Hack info. 
            For Some Reason I can't upload my CLOVER folder. But here you can download...
      https://www.dropbox.com/s/vjprxs1idtj9pt7/CLOVER.zip?dl=0     Thank you again!!!   HackInfo_Report.zip
    • The brightness is NOT from Sierra, in my signature you find tools with which to give info on your system .....
      Post Hack Info and the clover folder ......
      Only in this way can I help you ......
    • Few more minutes to go before going live again with https://OSXLatitude.com
          So you can lock this topic again @Allan Hopefully for a bit longer than a couple of weeks this time hehe.