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IAKTOS 1.0i Success - SSE2


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Just installed my first hackintosh. Typing from it.



MacOSX 10.5.1

P4 2.8ghz Northwood (SSE2 ONLY)

ASUS P4P800 Deluxe

ATI Radeon 9600 PRO



IATKOS v.1.0i

Used the Darwin X86 bootloader

SSE2-SSE3 Patch

Thermal and CPU patch

Marvel Yukon and Realtek for my Wired Network Cards



Being new to Kexts and similar I was wondering on how to get my Radeon 9600 (seemingly a popular card here) to work properly.


I have found the Callisto Drivers and I am wondering if that will work in Lepoard.


Has anyone gotten the Radeon 9600 to work in Lepoard? Links?

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Ah, you've given me hope! I have the same processor and have thus far been unable to boot into any of the leo releases. Apparently it is an EFI issue, as the x86 bootloader has always worked for me. I'll give iAtkos a shot. Thanks!!

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More likely MOBO issue.


No HyperThreading

Minimal onboard hardware (disabled everything that I dont need).


Make it clean.


Suggest taking a look at Tiger though. Leopard is pretty heavy and tiger is much smoother and is definitely more stable (Leopard constantly froze on me).


Try the XXX_10.4.11 DVD. I wrote a small guide about it. Everything works great for me.

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Thanks! Yeah I am running 10.4.11 on my PC right now, but I like a challenge and I think it would be fun to get Leopard running on it. So far I haven't had much luck, but I have the real thing running on my Macbook so I'm not stressed. Anyway thanks again for the response and enjoy your machine!

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