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Soundmax 1981HD in 10.5.1

Lucky Evie

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Hello all!


EDIT: I solved my own problem by reinstalling Kalyway's 10.5.1 and selecting the "Azalia Out" component in the audio drivers. It worked out of the box this time.


I'm trying to get my Soundmax 1981HD sound card to at least output something while booting to 10.5.1 . I had previously got it working on JaS' 10.4.5 about a year ago (not a single other version between 10.4.5 and 10.5.1 worked for me, I tried 6 different DVDs and none worked!) by using the AL8XX method from the Genius Bar's "Audio Problems" thread, but since I am now in 10.5.1, none of the solutions that appeared in the search this time around seem to apply.


As far as I can tell, most solutions require some modification of AppleAzalia.kext (or whatever it is), but this file is no longer anywhere on my system (someone said it might be under the AppleAC97 kext in it's contents, but it wasn't there either). There's also Taruga's thread on the AppleHDA.kext solution, but this OP doesn't contain any instructions, and I'm certainly not going to read 109 pages of posts to try and find the solution (especially since the forum's search functions never point to the specific page where a result was found!). Besides, his solution says it applies for 10.4.8...


Would anyone be kind enough to point me to an actual solution that would work for me? I would be extremely grateful if I could have this working - output is important, input (mic) is not.


If there is any work that is required from Windows or Linux, I do have a WinXP install on my laptop, as well as a Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD, but don't plan on triple-booting my machine.


Once I find a solution, I will gladly post it (along with other stuff I'll find out, on unrelated problems) on the Wiki with my system specs.

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