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[SELL] Bonestonne's "feeler" thread


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Hey all, I've got a lot lying around, and I need money, and I'm sure someone will need some of these parts. Most of it I'd prefer offers for, but some of it I'd rather set my own price. Everything is as listed, if you'd like pictures, please PM me or give me a few days, everything is in heaps and whatnot.


Intel Celeron D:

2.53 GHz

533mhz FSB

Socket 478

-asking $70



I have 4x 64MB modules that came in an old HP tower

-$30 (this includes shipping)

I also have 1x 64MB which lost its other half, not sure if it will work alone.



Intel Pentium 4:


400mhz FSB

Socket 423


Hard Drives:

2x 9GB Apple SCSI hard drives

one of these is confirmed working, the other I'm unsure of. I can't get the array to work in my server, so it's worth more in someone elses hands.

1x Compaq 9GB SCSI drive, pulled working, but agian, I can't use any SCSI drives.

other ATA/133 drives lying around. I'm somewhat reluctant to sell them, but if you give me a good offer I can be pursuaded. Most are 40GB.


Various Motherboards that are lying around are:

1x Socket 370 <- uses SD RAM

1x Socket 462 (AMD) <- uses DDR RAM


Both are confirmed working, but in today's world they're old. Both would work well for a younger person's computer. Will update specs with time, they're all stored in boxes.


Intel Socket 478 Heatsink - 3000RPM Cooler Master ball bearing fan. Silent when controlled by motherboard. Can include backplate if needed.


Various SD-RAM modules, mostly 128MB, also mostly PC-133.


Generally that's what I can think of for now. Don't laugh because its old, or that most isn't OSx86 compatible, I'm hoping that it will help someone out. I tend to use my sisters paypal because its easiest for me, if you can't do that, ask and I'll try to work something out. Also, if you're looking for something specific, ask, I don't even know everything I have stashed away.


thanks for looking.

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