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Darwin Bootloader not working


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Hi guys,


I've just installed JaS 10.4.8, everything working fine apart from the fact that the Darwin Bootloader isn't loading off the hard drive the OS is installed to.


The bootloader of a previous install on a different hard drive is working still, so I can boot with the switch "rd=disk1s1"


However I'm not sure if it's processing com.apple.boot.plist with my resolution switches etc... when I boot this way, plus it's getting annoying typing it in all the time.


Anyone know why it's not working? Something to do with primary partitions or something (specs below)?


(AMD Athlon 64 3700+)

(2x512mb DDR400)

(Via on-board VGA)

(250gb IDE - boot)

(200gb IDE/250gb SATA/320gb SATA - storage)

(Asus A8V-VM SE)

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