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Anyone have 10.5.2 working with the Intel 82562v (onboard LAN)?

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As the topic says, does anyone here have 10.5.2 working with the Intel 82562v (onboard LAN)?


If not, does anybody know of anyone else who is actively working to find a solution to it?


I'm curious because I have an HP Media Center m7780n that has the on-board 82562v. A few months back, I tried to install 10.4.8, which worked fine, but I couldn't get the thing to work with this particular LAN chipset.


It took me almost forever to download the whole thing, and I don't want to waste my time downloading another OS, only to have no working internet. (i'm no programmer, but I would like to see, first-hand, how my machine can handle OS X over the internet).


For anyone who's curious, HP's website identifies my motherboard as an ASUS "P5BW-LE".

Specs for the m7780n (HP Pavilion Media Center)

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