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Time Machine Won't Work


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Leopard 10.5.2 on AMD. Trying to back up to a Seagate 750gb Free-agent pro external drive. The drive was been erased and reformated with GUID partition table. I am backing up to a partition on this external drive. When I try to start it, it just says "backup failed."


Any ideas?


Also, I am unimpressed with Time Machine's options. I know it works well once its going, at least from what I have seen. But while I can "exclude" to backup, it would be nice to have a different way of approaching it, where instead of including everything and then choosing what to exclude, if you could instead exclude everything and then choose only what to include. Also, I feel like there needs to be a whole preferences pane of options that is missing. And error messages explaining *Why* stuff failed... grrr.

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