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Leopard keep rebooting


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Hello there! I´m new in this osx86 thing, so sorry if this questuion to some of you will appear a little newbie :)

Anyway, after many problems I finally had Installed the osx, but here I found another problem. After installation and restarting, appears a gray screen with an apple and working gear, after that OSX asking to restart a PC...And this repeats every time I turn on a PC. To install OSX a had used ToH DVD (Leo 10.5.2), 9.2.0 (SSE3 Only) kernel, and MBR boot system.


My laptop is:

AMD Turion 64 X2


GeForce GO 6100 videocard

nForce 430 chipset


I had tried a "fsck -fy" command for permission set, but it didn't work.


Any sugestions? :)

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