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Hey everyone,

So I've taken the plunge into getting OSX on my PC. I am fairly experienced with computers in general, although not with OSX. That's partly the reason I want to install it so badly. Also I want Logic Pro Studio, and I think that having that on my computer will greatly improve all aspects of my life, perhaps even my sex life (hopefully).


I decided that Tiger was probably a safer bet over leopard, because it's older and probably more thoroughly explored. So I downloaded Uphuck's 10.4.9 v1.4i r2, and then I learned that there was an r3. Is there a list of the latest releases somewhere for all of these versions? The Uphuck releases, the iATKOS releases, the JaS releases, the XxX and Tubgirl releases -- I've searched the forums, and I can't find an up to date list of the latest releases for all of these. The mini list in the Newbies FAQ post of the Tutorials' forum isn't so up to date as to the latest revision and such. And I've searched the forums scores of times, as well as google. I even went to Uphuck's web site and couldn't find a list there. So either I'm blind, or it's somewhere harder to find. The OSX Bible post wasn't much help either.


So, a general list of questions:


-What is the latest Uphuck 10.4.9 v1.4i revision? is it r3?

-How do I get this ISO to burn to a DVD as being bootable?


And that's it.





P.S. I came back a few hours later and found this topic gone. I'm not sure if it ever went through and was created, or if I put it in the wrong forum and it was deleted, or what. I searched for it and couldn't find it, and found 0 posts under my name, and generally found no indicator that it had ever existed. So moderator, if for some reason this is an inappropriate topic for this forum, please PM me and let me know why -- I'm new here, and still adjusting to how things work. Thanks

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