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Intel Pro/1000 Gigabit support (10.5.x)?


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I've got an HP dc7800 with onboard gigabit ethernet - this claims to use the Intel 82566DM controller which is unsupported under OSX...


I also have a PCI-Express x1 Intel Pro/1000 PT desktop NIC, based on the 82572GM chipset. Again, not suported...


Strike 3 is an Intel Pro/1000MT desktop NIC. PCI 32-bit, this one seems to 'work' in OSX but doesn't detect link.. and if I plug a cable into the NIC with a link on it, the lights will flash on the back indicating link (and the switch reports link up) hwoever after about 5 minutes, the kernel panics.


What the heck?!?!


My current solution is a Netgear USB NIC however as I have three perfectly good gigabit NICs, I'd ideally like to use one of those if I can.


The interesting thing here is a company called Small Tree (www.small-tree.com) sell rebranded Intel Pro/1000 PT NICs as their own and supply perfectly working drivers! Unfortunately merely changing the device ID in the kext seems to fail and claim an unsupported device ID.


Maybe we have some creative people here who can hack some sense into the Small Tree kexts to work with the Pro/1000 PT?


thanks for any help!

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Any solution for this?


I've tried Intel 1000T, 1000MT, and 1000S all with same results:


1) Machine gets a DHCP address. Ethernet works for about 2-3 minutes.

2) Ethernet stops working (though link lights remain).

3) Kernel panic after 5-15 minutes.



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Attached is the kext i use for my dc7800. Took me ages to find it and get it working originally. I think from memory it will only work 10.5.5+

Just install it properly with kext helper. I know it says MM but don't worry about it.


If it doesn't work, try changing the irq in the bios to something else. I think mine is on 10.


I have a feeling the NIC is not running as fast as what it should be, but for internet access and for my home network, it's perfect!



Now if only someone can tell me how to get the bloody sound working...


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