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Help Needed for Dell Optiplex 745 install


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Hello ALL,


I want to Thank the many people who has had the information necessary for me to get my first installation up and running with very few issues:


Intel E6300

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L

4GB DDR-667

500GB SATA Seagate

Nvidia 256MB 7600GT


I used the Kalyway 10.5.1 install from DVD and everything works like a dream.


I am now faced with a battle which has been raging for the last 3 days. I am attempting to install; using the same DVD onto a Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop. The strange part of this mystery is that I have no problems booting up using the Kalyway DVD. I have no problems going through and having the installation complete successfully. However when I attempt to boot into the newly installed OS, I get the Dell system restarting itself. I have already tried booting in verbose mode but there are no messages and I do hear the HD spinning before the restart occurs.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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hi man


with dell optiplex either 745 or 755 will be haveing issues for audio . lan and display

what I did for both pc were to get some compatiable chips (and cheap on price, china made addon cards for them )

that did the trick

I got an old nvidia FX 5200 . works out of box

826x sound card . works our of box

forgot abot the lan card but It's 8xxx too from cmedia too


hope this helps you

ps I love dell

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I am writing to inquire about your progress installing Leopard on Dell Optiplex 745. I managed to install Kalyway but I cannot get it to boot. Please write me back and share the steps you followed to get it installed.



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