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searching for the right image


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im searching the best image of osx86 leoprad my system is


cpu : intel pentium dual core 925 2x3 ghz sse 2 sse 3

motherboard: asrock 4core dual sata2

dvd dl drive: samsung sh-s202

agp card : ati radeon x 1600 pro 512 mb

hdd 1: ata 500 gb segate baracuda ide(windoof xp pro x64 and kopete linux

hdd2 : 40 GB Western digital (for mac os x)

ram : 2gb buffalo ddr 2 ram dual channel 667 MHZ



i habe tried to install it from iatkos 10.51 for intel but if i sart it only say error hfs+ partition


im using acronis os loader for it is that the problem? the boot loader?


thx for help mfg raver

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