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What to select,install,do...


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OK,I read almost all these topics here and still dunno what to do...


My Configuration:


Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 3.2ghz (SSE2,SSE3 support)

1GB Ram

ASUS-P5GPL motherboard

ATI X700pro 256mb

160gb HDD (Vista installed on one partition,real sux)


22 inches LCD 1680x1050



1) What from these LEOs would be the best ?I prefer as clear as possible (no added programs,features,changed cores and missing things just because of saving space,I prefer system very similar to original OS X but also stable - i know sounds crazy but...)


2) What about resolution of my LCD ? Problems ?


3) I d like to use this OS X as my main system ...so what about my configuration,is it gonna be OK,stable... ?


4) What about that efi ?I dont understand what is it about at all...



Thanks for EVERYTHING:..

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