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No Disk?


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I got hold of the latest zeph leopard release for AMD as it had the 2600 drivers on it i needed, so i go to install it and now it won't find my hard drive, not even in the disk utility.


Its strange because the 10.5.1 distro found it no problem and even installed on to it fine.Am i missing something?

Do i need to pre-format it before i install now?


Hardware:AMD 3800+2gb ramMSI K9AGM2 (amd sb600 chipset)HIS 2600xt 512mb250gb hitachi sata hard drive (set to ahci mode)Help me please, i really want to get this working this time!



Incidently... installing with -x otherwise the graphics dont display properly.

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I got it working by swapping the sata socket to one of the top ones on the board.


Installs perfectly however only boots in safemode otherwise the graphics doesnt display properly (black and white artifacts)


Checking whats installed i noticed that the kexts for my graphics aren't loaded, the ethernet isn't working so i guess the same theory could be applied to that, as well as the sound!


I repaired the permissions on the drive but still get the same when i try to boot normally.


When i boot up in safe mode, each time i get an error stating "natit.kext was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it"


^^I'm guessing this is a big clue as to whats wrong?


I checked all the appropriate options at the install for my hardware (sb600 kext/ac97 audio/2600xt).


I've also looked in to the extensions folder and they do appear to all be there (maybe because its safe mode?).

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