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Screen flashes, mouse issues


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I have been having some random issues with my Leopard installation.

None of the issues I have been experiencing were present in my Tiger install.


Ok here we go:


I have noticed after running Firefox and iTunes for an extended period of time (an hour maybe)

my screen background will flash everytime the background image changes ( I have it set to change randomly every 5 seconds) so I notice it right away when it starts.


Once the screen flashes start I notice that my mouse will jump all around the screen when I barely move it (I think this is referred to as mouse tearing?)


Usually within a few minutes from that point the system will lock up.

No dimmed screen saying to restart just a hard lockup with no response from any input or output (music from iTunes will cease at that time as well)


Oh I have also reinstalled using MBR EFI instead of GUID EFI hoping that by some chance that may help.

I have replaced the AppleSMBIOS.kext file with one from macdotnub.info with one coded for my ram DDR2-667

I thought it helped but it would appear that it did not.


I have latest version of iTunes downloaded from apple.com not through software update.

The issue was present before getting the new version of iTunes.

I have tried using Marvins AMD utility however it just gives errors.


No updates have been applied using Software Updater.


I can provide any other relevant info if needed.


Would using pc_EFIv8 be causing the issues?

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Nobody has a clue huh?

Oh well I have also noticed that it will also restart randomly through the night.

I will be watching TV and I will here my BIOS post sucessful beeps and then about 2 mins later I hear it sign into MSN and AIM.

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