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The weirdest thing just happened with my AMD hack!


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Hi all,


First of all, I apologize for my Grammar.


I just had the weirdest unexplanable thing just now. I was running Zephyroth's Leopard 10.5.2 with amd hack system:




MSI K9N Neo (MS-7260) with latest bios

AMD64 3000+


80gb IDE Seagate HDD

Nvidia 7500LE 128mb PCI-E

2 x 512mb Apacer ddr2 667



Here goes:


I managed to install Zephyroths release with no problems before. In fact, I reinstalled it 3 or 4 times before on my system.


After my last install, it worked fine for a week. Last night, I used my hackintosh to check my email. In summary, I turned it on, fired up Firefox, opened my email. Turned it off .. went to my bed and slept.


This morning, I turned on my system and saw EFI booting up ok .. then the white apple background and all of a sudden boot up stops with a small sign in the middle of the background (/) - the one they use from the no smoking sign, just remove the cigarette.


Now, I tried to boot in verbose mode and see whats happening.


Now I saw that it stops at:


"Still awaiting for root device"

"Still awaiting for root device"

"Still awaiting for root device"


Ok, Im thinking that this is caused by my Toshiba DVDRW - I kinda know because this happened to my Intel hack before. If there are other reasons why I experience this problem, It could be the hard disk .. not sure though


Hmm, I recalled what I did last night. I didn't remember, messing up with some kext files or something. I didn't do software update..


I'm to lazy to do some troubleshooting I just decided, heck, I'll just reformat my hard drive.


Here is the weirdest thing! - using the Bootable DVD from Zephyroth .. I experience the problem to!!! Still awaiting for root device!!!


Ok, just to be sure .. I Low Level formatted my IDE hdd and unfortunately, it does the same thing.


booted with -x -v -f cpus=1 -s .. it still stops there.


I checked my BIOS .. thinking I messed up the SATA device detection or something .. Im pretty much sure that I don't have AHCI or something like that in my BIOS.


I also tried disabling SATA ports from BIOS but has the same probelm.


Last week, I installed Zephyroth release using the "Default settings" of my motherboard bios without ANY problems.


Now, I can't even boot from the DVD with the same "Default BIOS settings"


I already reset CMOS .. still nogo.


Could anybody explain why I can boot from the DVD before but now I can't?


*Just to be clear, I did not add any devices**I did not mess up anything in the BIOS*


Could it be my motherboard???? I ran Ubuntu and its working fine. I even tried using a different hard drive just to be sure.


This is sooooo weird!!!


Please help!!!


Thank you.

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I managed to solve it but I'm still confused on why this happened.


I changed my Master IDE DVDRW to Slave .. then changed my IDE HDD Slave to master (I only have 1 IDE port)


Now, it boots from the Zephyroth DVD.


However, I never changed the Master/Slave settings of my IDE devices. This is the first time I've rearranged them.


When I installed/booted from the Zephyroth DVD last week, it was fine with the DVDRW as Master and HDD as Slave.


Anyone who has great knowledge can explain this thing?


Thank you.

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