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REBOOT LOOP----->Restarts immediately after drawin (occuring after 10.5.2 update)

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I had a Toh install onto my Xtrenal hdd of 80gb which had 15gb of leopard partition

so inshort i use to boot from my external earlier i use to get a restart screen in gui stating i need to restart i figured it was due to my graphic card fixed that and mac use to run like butter ntill i applied the 10.5.2 Leopard combined update now i boots i get Darwin and blank restart this loop keeps on going on and on till i dont boot into another os



please help



whats more no use trying -v -s -x -f commands coz b4 it can reach the area where i can see the error blank(restart)

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I have the same problem as this guy with a fresh install of from Leo4AllV3.


My system is:


Q6600 Quad Core Intel Core Duo

eVGA 680i SLI motherboard

IDE hard drive



Installs fine from the DVD using maxmem=2048 cpus=1 -v, installs fully and stuff and reboots properly. But when I boot up into the fresh install, it does the giant kext loading routine (you know... the billions of lines passing by) then it tries to load darwin, the screen blanks out, and then 'beep', the system restarts. I've tried -v -x -f maxmem=2048 cpus=1. I have no idea what's causing this.


EDIT: OMG, just did a fresh install with Kernal 9.22 and it works now! got past that screen. now testing if it will boot into the osx properly...


Well... I got into OSX but I'm stuck in a new loop now. Now it keeps asking me "Do you already own a mac?"


Oh come on! I restart it again and it lets me past. My computer is toying with me.

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Well... 3 hours later and I'm reinstalling Leopard again... Got the network and stuff running but then I tried to install NVidia drivers, which caused a kernal panic on bootup so I have to reinstall now. :)


EDIT: At least now I can confirm that for me, the problem of the constant reboot was choosing Vanilla kernel instead of the Modified kernel. That one change on my 2nd and 4th install was the difference.


Now I just gotta set up the mac and get it all nice and ready then back it up to an image ^_^

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