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WTS::Apple eMac $490 // 1.25G4, 1G DDR RAM,250G 7200rpm HD


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Apple eMac $490 // 1.25G4, 1G DDR RAM,250G 7200rpm HD,

Description: eMac 1.25G, 1G DDR RAM,250G 7200rpm HD,ATI9200 32M ,17'inch display , modified fan, (very quite, now), buildin mic.DVD-DL-RW. Build in Modem and network card...

!!!!upgreaded eMac, everything is working perfectly..!!!!!


OSX 10.5.2 Leopard system. the CPU is 1.25G, so it can run all professional softwears..

Video card is build in,,so I couldn't upgrade it.

but it's good enough for most of the app. even professional softwears


I am in Ottawa,canada

asking price:CAD 490

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