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ToH 10.5.0 update


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What would be the best way to upgrade my ToH 10.5.0 install to 10.5.2?

I tried using Kalyway update - no luck, tried a clean install of Kalyway 10.5.1 but I can't boot after install - regardless of my choice of EFI or not ( tried GRUB and MBR).

The only version that I can install and use is ToH 10.5.0 but I have only video and network.

So I was hoping to upgrade and maybe benefit of a larger amount of drivers.

If someone has any ideas please reply.


Thank you.




P4 3.0 1 Gb RAM DDR

20 GB HDD dedicated for Mac OS

nVidia 7600 GS

Realtek NIC

OnBoard SIS 900 sound (never worked)

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