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Installing OSX as a secondary OS

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I've been considering buying a Mac for a while and I wish trying out the OS for a while before I do.

I've took the time and installed Mac OS X on VMWare but without networking and 10 Frames per Seconds graphics (Although each frame was Mac-ish-ly sexy!) didn't give me the chance of experiencing Mac OS X properly.


I'd like installing Mac OS X as a secondary OS in addition to Windows XP which is already installed.


Computer Spec:

1 GB Ram

Intel Core 2 1.86 GHz *2

ATI Raedon x1300


Hard disk partitioning:

Hard Disk 1:

- 63.4 GB, Windows XP (NTFS)

- 85.5 GB, Stuff (NTFS)


Hard Disk 2:

- 23.26 GB, More Stuff (NTFS)

- 18.35 GB, Even More Stuff (NTFS)

- 32.95 GB, Target Partition of Mac OS X. Currently formatted as NTFS but it is empty and can be reformatted as any filesystem at any time.


Images I have downloaded:

Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso


I'd prefer installing Mac OS X 10.5 of course, but I'd be fine with 10.4.8.


My questions are:

Can I install Mac OS X on the third partition on my second drive without reformatting the other partitions?

Is my ATI X1300 working on Mac OS X? It has been a nightmare getting it to work on Linux.

In case I want to uninstall Mac OS X, is it as simple as restoring the XP MBR from the XP installation CD and reformatting the Mac OS X partition?


Thanks in advance to anyone helping! :unsure:

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I've managed to boot into the CD and start the installation, but after about 2 minutes since the actual installation process it crashes(?) and shows the "Please Reboot" message.

Any idea why?



After changing some BIOS settings, as pointed by some guide, (http://lifehacker.com/photogallery/BIOS/1000560393) and trying again 2 times the installer seems to crash 15 minutes (first time) and 21 minutes (second time) before finishing.

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