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Intel 82566DC Ethernet


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I'm about to give up on searching for anything to make Intel 82566DC-2 ethernet work. This is really disappointing. Everything is now set up, except the Internet.


Does anyone have any ideas at all or heard of anything that even *may* work?


I really, really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Hi, my mobo is Intel DP35DP, the integrated NIC is 82566DC Gigabit Ethernet Controller, and use this kext for intallation

http://www.imconverter.com/intel82566mm/In...6MM.kext.tar.gz, after extract this, configure the Intel82566MM.kext/Contents/Info.plist file like this:



















with the kextstat we obtain the correct values for the parameters, then install the kext with kexthelper and thats all, good luck.

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can you please explain how you configured the above steps?


im new to this and i seem to be having the same problem with my ethernet driver.


everything is working fine, except that i cannot connect to the internet.


and the above steps seemed to have worked for another person, but i dont know where to start?


any help will be greatly appretiated.



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Okay, listen up, you at the back of the class.. ;)


Download the above archive and un-archive it. The desktop or your downloads folder are nice places to unarchive things.


Download and install Apple Xcode or Plist Editor Pro (google it)


Download and install kexthelper or OSX86Tools (google it)


Right click on the .kext file and click 'show package contents', it will open like a folder (which it is)


Open the info.plist inside, as described in the above post


Open Terminal and type kextstat - look for the kernel extensions mentioned in the description in the above post


Edit the plist accordingly to match the version numbers of the kexts you have installed - as described in the above post.




Run kexthelper or OSX86Tools and install the kext, reboot.

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Hello zhin76. Thanks to you, my ethernet works too. But about 4 months back, when I had first installed Leopard I had heard that there were no drivers for it. And no one expecting them to be available soon. How did you get them?

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