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MediaKit reports checksum operation failure message


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This is with a 10.5.1 Kalyway install on a DS3 motherboard with AHCI enabled.


My problem is that any attempts to erase and reformat either empty space or an hfs created compatible partition give me the following error.



"Volume Erase Failed


Volume Erase failed with the error:


MediaKit reports checksum operation failure."




Has this been experienced by anybody else? It isn't a DVD error, I've checked it numerous times, reburnt it at various speeds and used both DVD-R and DVD+R media.



Thanks in advance,


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HI all


I have the fix to your problem


when you run your software in windows to create the new partition for mac os x, you must first resize your C drive partition and then create your new partition for mac in the unallocated space, ( you would imagine the software does this but no it seems) a simple but very annoying problem, i've had it for a week. All works fine after this, go ahead now and install mac on your new partition


Hope this helps

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