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Try iATKOS again if it doesn't work on your PC


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Many people reported that iATKOS doesn't work on their PCs so they turned to Kalyway. Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD has more things than iATKOS, which could be removed by virginazer. I would like to ask those who didn't seccessed with iATKOS to try it again, and this time, it would be a success.


I repartitioned(2 partitions, MBR) my HDD yesterday, and found that if I install iATKOS v1.0r2 on a CLEAN hdd, the hdd will not bootable after reboot. I booted with the installer DVD, and checked the activated partition in fdisk. There was nothing wrong because the partition one was currently activated with a "*". I used the fdisk method to activate the Leopard partition again, but nothing helped. I still have a non-bootable hdd.


Then I booted with Kalyway 10.5.2 installer DVD, and it was a success(2 partitions, MBR). After the success, I booted it again with iATKOS v1.0r2, and ereased the Leopard partition (note: I DIDN'T repartition). After installation, the hdd booted fine with Leopard.


There might be some bugs in iATKOS to make a non-bootable DVD. Hope the uphuck team would see the post :)

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