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dual boot XP/OSX 10.5


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Im trying to make a dual boot of my system. (Core to Duo, 2.66gh, 1gig RAM, 250gig HDD)

The problem is that whell I try to format (disk utility, boot DVD) my FAT32 partition (20 gigs) to HFS+ journaled, it seems to format, and then the partition turns unactive.

The only way to make it active again is to format it back to FAT32. cause of that, I can't install OSX.


my disk is partitioned as like this:

C: 100 gigs, NTFS (storage)

D: 50 gigs, NTFS, primary (Windows XP)

E: 20 gigs, FAT32, primary (reserved for OSX)

M: 50 gigs, NTFS, multimedia


I have a external HDD, with a 100 gigs swap partition (FAT32)


there's already a dualboot OS selector on the system (OS selector by Acronis)


does anyone know what is causing this?

I really want this to work :rolleyes:



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