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ATA DVD-Burner blocking wake on Bad Axe 2 --help?

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I have a Bad Axe 2 setup running 10.5.2 problem free except for one thing:


If I put it to sleep, when it wakes back up the system log starts showing "IOATAController device blocking bus" and the HD light blinks on and off and on forever--and it won't sleep again. If I try to sleep a second time it hangs on wake and needs a hard reset.


If I disable the ATA drive in the BIOS and boot with only the SATA hard drives then no trouble at all, perfect system. I have tried all possible modes in the BIOS (legacy, AHCI etc) and no difference at all. Do I need to put a dev id somewhere for the ATA?


Any ideas? Do I have to buy a SATA burner or can I save some $ and make this ATA one work?



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