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Sync without losing/erasing your iPods


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Moving/Sync without erasing files in iPods/iPhones


Be sure to quit iTunes before proceeding this guide.




Copy from any PC or Mac.


1. Copy the iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml from your "iTunes Folder".


2. Then paste those files on the "iTunes Folder" (same for both PC or Mac).


3. PC users, please rename the extension to .itl and replace the file. (see below for guides on renaming).


4. Mac users, just replace the identical file instead. (no need to rename the extension).


3. Open your iTunes and plugin the iPod into and sync it.


4 Done, that was easy eh LOL!





If you can't see the extension,


For Mac:


Finder ---> Preferences ---> Advance Tab ---> Show all files extensions.



For PC:


My Computer ---> Folder Options ---> View Tab ---> uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types"




Guide made by tec.

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