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My OSx86 Story...


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10days ago i did my first leopard install, everything ran smoothly until it booted to a B0 error; EEK!! but being the optimist i am, i persevered and installed a couple more times, but to no avail :P waaah!!! recieving boot loops and boot hangs, i had tried everthing!


With all hope lost i reinstalled windows from a backup and continued to find solutions. As a spur of the moment thing i decided to try just ONCE more, i partitioned the drive into 1 drive and chose mbr. At the install screen i chose sse2, network and mbr boot thingy... AND it worked!!! WOW! i was thrilled!


BUT being the stupid person i am :angel: i (for no reason) decided to try and reinstall leopard. Now i am getting the same errors i had before even after about 10installs and every possible combination of settings- mainly boot loops and boot hangs after install :P


So i wonder, did the previous installation of Windows help with the install some how?

I know my computer can run leopard, but how do i get it to install successfullly again?


help? :P please :angel:





my system:

Asus m5n

Pentium M- 1.3ghz (i think)

intel 2200bg wireless

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