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DVD Boot Issue


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Hi Everyone,


I've been having the same problem as everyone else using the MSI Neo2 boards. I can't get it to boot off of any dvd regardless of BIOS settings and boot options. The most recent info I found about this hadn't tried the flat image. When I use the flat image it installs just fine. When I reboot I get the "package 0 didn't get an HPET" error repeatedly. From what I've found, this is simple to fix if you can boot into a disc. So my question is, are there any simple boot discs out there that would just get me into a terminal? Its a long shot, but would some kind of linux disc work to modify the kexts? I've been using OSX since the developer preview, so I'm pretty familiar with it, but I've never really used any other from of Unix. Any help you guys can offer would be appreciated. Here is my system:


Board: MSI Neo2-FR

CPU: Q6600

Ram: 4x1GB Transcend DDR2-1200

HD: 2x500GB Seagate SATA

DVD: LiteOn SATA DVD Burner

Video: Radeon HD 3870

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