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Need your knoledge

costas papa

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HAve just now installed the kalyway 10.5.1 and its 10.5.2 updates, i beleive all works well, i installed it with out any tweaks in the bios, failed the 1st time and reinstalled over and worked the second time,,

pc specs are..


2.4Ghs intel 2 duo Quad core

4 gb ram

leadtek8800 gt 512 mb ram ddr3

WD HDD 320 gb

and so on....


my built in audio wasn't working but found the solution from this forum and now it works (that was the only issue)

emm do any of you know if there are any kexts for leadtek PCI express PX8800 winfast


Thanks to Kalyway and the others for their attempt, and to all users of the forum for sharing their know-how..



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