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About my p35-ds3l & HD 2600xt

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Hi, my 1st topic here.


I'm a noob to hackintoh. After reading [HOW TO]INSTALL ON GIGABYTE/ASUS/COMPATIBLE BOARDS, VANILLA/EFI 100%. GA-DS**, Asus P5W DH, +System Tweak Guides I got a new P35-ds3l & HD 2600xt.


1. I've install the kalyway 10.5.1 done.

2. Voice is done

3. Kalyway hack 10.5.2comboupdate is done.

4. Kalyway kernel 9.2.0 is done.


So I need to know,

1. which of PC-efi I need?

2. The exactly HD 2600xt kext(s)? Capable with Graphic update?

3. Anything else I need to do?


Any reply from here is appreciated.


Best regards,



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