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Success! Leopard on Dell 530 Precision WS Dual 2.2ghz


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Success! with a lil help i've gotten • iAtkosv1.0iir2 + Kalyway 10.5.2 + Apple gfx update • installed onto my

Dell 530 Precision WS Dual 2.2ghz Xeon 603e, 400 FSB, Intel 860 chipset, 1GB ram (256mb-PC800 RDRAM x4), ATI 9800 pro AIW, Audigy 2 soundblaster, BIOS A11


no changes in my bios other than to turn off my xp HD's. both CPUs enabled with hyperthreading turned on.


1. iAtkos v1.0iir2 installer booted up fine

2. Formatted to MBR as per the iAtkos instructions

3. From terminial, Set the Drive bootable by.... without the quotes:


"diskutil list" - found newly formatted hd info. ( or by clicking info on the partition when in disk utility GUI) disk0s1 was mine


"diskutil unmount disk0"

"fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0


"f 1"




closed terminal

(referenced from here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=536128 )


then continued with the installer.


4. Chose EFI x86 bootloader, SSE2 kernel, remove AppleInteCPUPowerManagement and thermal something kexts, AGPGart, and smbios fix


5. Upon reboot (which i'm amazed how fast it boots) went and replaced the kernel and system kext with the speedstep kernel and the kalyway 10.5.2 original system kext from the kw comboupdate backup folder.


6. Updated using kalyway 10.5.2 update, rebooted, then applied leopard graphics update from apple, rebooted.


My onboard sound and lan both work out of the box. onboard sound is surprisingly good. my audigy 2 isn't recognized. my ATI 9800 AIW pro apparently is not possible to get both QE/CI working without much tinkering and even then may not work properly. AGPGart gets me 1024x768 only. resolution but no QE , CI is software and the card is recognized as a pci instead of an AGP. probably need to pick up a comprable agp card for 50 bucks or so hopefully


Other Notes:

TOHrc2 leopard booted and installed without issue, but when booting from HD i could not find any solution to the TMSafetyNet.kext reboot loop issue.

The system seems to only reflect 3 cores instead of 4 (2 phy 2 vir)

The Ram is reporting back 333


will update when i test a bit more


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I have a similar model to you and I want to try the installation but I Have a couple of questions.


Where can I get "iAtkosv1.0iir2" because I can't found it?

Some additional advice?

Did you try with Snow leopard?




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Joe dude this topic is little old i have the same 530 model im using right now leopard 10.5.6 with all features execpt shutdown and sleep i install IPCosX 10.5.6 PPF 5 final i download it by torretz i use this pc for sound recording and runs like a g5 buahahhahah i dont search the fixes for shutdown but there have to be one but i dont care y dual boot to xp and shutdown from there it take like one more minute

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