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Problems with Pioneer DVR-212D (SATA)

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Hi. I am having some problems with my Pioneer DVR-212D DVD recorder (SATA)

Sometimes it seems to "disconnect" from the computer. For example, I inserted a DVD, watched some parts with DVD Player, and then closed DVD Player. When I opened it again, it said that the disc was not recognizable. I clicked on the "eject" icon on the menu bar (always there on the left of the clock), and clicked on "Eject [HDM_1JORNADA....]", and the DVD did not respond. The DVD icon disappears from the desktop and the button of the optical drive doesn't react.

This happened to me with many types of DVDs (different brand blank ones, some recorded by myself, film DVDs, etc), and with different softwares (Toast, Finder and DVD Player, don't use other programs to open/record DVDs).

The only solution I found is to restart the computer and take the DVD out while booting (never tried after booting OSX, but I suppose it would work OK).


Never had problems while recording or copying files. I'm not sure, but I think this happens only when I leave a DVD for some minutes inside without using it.

This doesn't happen with my IDE LG Combodrive, which works perfectly.


I have a P5W DH Deluxe MoBo, Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2GB of RAM, nVidia 7300GT, SATA DVR-212D, SATA WD 250GB HD, IDE LG ComboDrive (from my eMac), FireWire LaCie 250GB.


Hope anyone can help.



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there are other topics in the forum posted on this same topic. you may want to check them out, but i will quickly summarize here.


The only conclusion we could come to is that OS X is treating the optical drive like a hard drive and trying to put it to sleep when not in use. You may be able to fix the problem by unchecking the "Put hard drives to sleep when possible" box in the energy saver control panel, but i personally would rather just keep my optical drive empty when not in use than trash all my hard drives by running them constantly.

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