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amd spider platform working 100%


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i saw a few posts on if the spider platform is working in mac os i finally got mine to work after about 20-30 hrs+ of work


steps i used

get a zeph 10.5.1 from the usual places

in darwin loader dont use any flags

once u get to the install screen (will take about 5min) use disk utility to get a clean disk/partition w/e

install with no extra pakages . . . takes about 3hrs :(

make ur hdd/partition bootable if u dont know look at this

boot xp/vista for internet purposes

get the sb600 kexts here

get the rt1000 kexts here

get natit here

get alc 888 drivers here*important note: change ur lan card to WoL in the start>control panel>system>hardware>advanced

back to mac os

open sb600 put in /system/library/extensions



install rt1000


install 888 audio


now get the leopard graphics update 1.0 (not gonna link dunno about legal issues etc etc)

use pacifist to install the pkg overwite all files

put natit in /system/library/extensions/



shuld have video qe/ci audio lan sb


srry if i posted this in the wrong place but is my first post i wanna thank everybody for all there hard work this could never be a reality without all the work :D


oh xbench score is 106 pata hdd really slowing me down :(

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