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'no bootable device' after sucessful kalyway install


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after a number of barriers and hours of time, i finally have kalyway 10.5.1 installed sucessfully... or so i thought.


the machine restarted and my computer gave me a message that 'no bootable device -- insert boot disk'. the install, formatting, etc. all went without a hitch.


my specs:

2.7ghz pentium 4

1.5gb ram

80gb sata hdd

pata dvd burner

umm.. some kinda gateway motherboard. my machine is a 5310S.

915GV intel chipset


integrated graphics


what should i do? what could possibly be wrong? in the 'customize' section i'm selecting the vanilla kernel (both checkboxes), the SSE2 box, none of the vid drivers, audio, or w/lan drivers, and the GUID boot.



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It has to do with the Bootloader not working. I ended up installing Grub for mine and configuring it. I am new at this myself so can't really tell you what to do other then Google "for Leopard Bootloader PC" or "Leopard grub" to find some guides.

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I had the same problem. I installed Kalyway 10.5.2, and it installed, and went through the setup process with no problem. Upon reboot, got the "no bootable device -- insert boot disk" message. Following advice from another post, I marked the partition "Active" and my problem went away, booting is fine now. No need to install another boot loader.


Boot up the Kalyway install DVD again.


Under the "Utilities" menu, open "Terminal".


Issue "diskutil list". My hard disk showed up as /dev/disk0, and my install partition is /dev/disk0s2


Issue "diskutil unmount /dev/disk0"


Issue "fdisk -e /dev/disk0"


Issue "f 2", where 2 comes from "/dev/disk0s2". The response back is "Partition 2 marked active".


Issue "w". The response back is "Writing MBR at offset 0."


Issue "q". Fdisk exits.


Quit the Terminal program, and Quit the installer.



My system:

- Pentium 630 cpu in an Intel D945PVS mobo, 2 Gig Ram, Seagate 500G Sata, Gigabyte GV-NX66T128VP 6600GT video, Plextor PX-708A burner, DGE-530T Ethernet, sleep works, very happy so far, onboard lan and sound not yet tried, I feel an iMic purchase coming on. :)

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Umm... do U need to use dual boot right ?

I think it didn't set ur drive to mbr ,.. dun worry U can recover by restart windows

put the windows disk and use cmd prompt ... make ur partion active

" diskpart >

select disk 0>

select parttion "x" (x is the partition that installed os U wanna boot )




then restart

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