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dual boot vista/darwin

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I've a little problem with my dual boot

i explain how is my boot set up:


VISTA BOOT: 1) Vista (default)

2) Mac OS X

When I choose Vista, it goes on vista and works (normal!)

When I choose Mac OS X, it goes on darwin boot with a 8seconds timeout: -if I don't do anything it goes back on VISTA BOOT

So, I have to press any keypad, then go on mac os x HDD and press enter to launch Mac OS X


What can I do to "tell" darwin boot to aumatically start on Mac Os X at the timeout?



p.s I'm ok for skipping the vista boot but I don't know if that's possible. I'd like to set manually which is my default OS (currently VISTA but as soon as wifi works on mac os X leopard, I'll choose Mac)


Sorry for my english

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Make your OS X partition active. If it works you should see the Darwin boot menu first. If you select OSX it will boot right into it. Also now that your OS X partition is active Darwin will list it first. If you select Vista you will still have the boot menu option. Just run bcdedit or whatever you use to edit the Vista boot file so you can remove the OS X entry. After that you will have one boot menu with OS X being the default.

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If I set OS X partition active, it tells me :"HFS+ partition error" and don't boot.

I had to set active vista partition to see my laptop boot with the vista DVD


i've the same problem, so i must use easybcd, but i've to choice OSX twice...

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