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macbook battery issue

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i cannot understand that: yesterday evening i used my macbook on battery for 2 hours. the book is usually emty after 3 - 3,5 hours. when i closed the macbook, it showed me 50% remaining. when i opened the book this morning, is was at 0% and empty!


could it be that the macbook was somehow busy while sleeping?


the battery health is pretty good, i checked that in the system profiler.


any hints are welcome... :dance_24:

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In fact, if you put to sleep the macbook, the battery will drain to 0%. When you put to sleep the mac (just closing the lid), the system state is stored to RAM. So, the battery will still powering the RAM 'til the battery is drained totally.


If you don't want that to happen, I recommed you to use the SmartSleep utility. Google around to find it. This will enable the "smart sleep" feature. (The mac comes into hibernate mode when the battery reach 20%)


Hope this hint help you.

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