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Please help with 6800Ultra installation in 10.5.2


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I a total mac noob and successfully installed 10.5.2 on a P5W, but can't get my 6800 card to work. I've tried nvinject which gives me a 'please reboot' blabla after installation. Do you still have to replace IDs? After reading many tutorials about hacking kexts and replacing device IDs, all of which were greek to me, I hoped that it would just work by installing the nvinject.kext according to the nvinject website installation guide, but afterwards I can't boot anymore until I delete nvinject.kext again.


What else can I try? I want to run this card in dual mode. Can someone explain to me step by step where I can find my Device ID and where to replace it? And would I have to replace HEX strings as well and where? I searched everywhere but can't find a detailed guide on how to do it. Please help :(

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