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Installation hangs before it starts


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So I decided to try and install Leopard on top of tiger (after reading that some people did it successfully), I had a perfectly working tiger install (10.4.10, also kalyway)... but somehow the leopard installer just hangs...I select the language, and then the drive (My Mac OS X Drive where tiger is installed), and customize the installation to select the stuff I need (basically just some video and sound drivers)...I click on Install...the button becomes blue, and the color wheel just keep on spinning and spinning...been like 20 minutes now..is it supposed to take this long? I figured I shouldve reach the next screen by now LOL... (with the status bar showing what is being installed etc)...Im afraid to reboot...as Im guessing it might've damaged my tiger installation...should I keep waiting?? or after 20+ minutes should I just assume that it will never reach the next screen (it is still spiiiiinnnning)Any help would be appreciatedpossible clue: I noticed that my DVD drive's activity led isn't lit...not even flashing, so nothing going on with the dvd...mmm been more than 45minutes now,..guess I should just reboot and evaluate the damages! :P


Edit: Well I rebooted, tiger was untouched, retried, and it is now upgrading...keeping my fingers crossed...!

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