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Initialization error [-70012] appears when DVD Player is Launched.


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I use Leopard with an external USB DVD player.

Apple DVD Player does not support External DVD drives, only internal.

Gives this error:


There was an initialization error

A valid DVD drive could not be found. [-70012]


How can I solve this problem? Anybody?



Some people reported fixing this with a patch named useroppatch1.9.dmg. I could not find this patch anywhere.

This patch in order to work required a special framework. This was reported working with Tiger not Leopard.

Here is a guy talking with himself.

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The reason is that due to licensing issues, DVD Player/Front Row will never play DVD's from external drives. I would think that this limitation could easily be patched in the various OSX86 distributions, but perhaps not many people are aware? It is proving to be a serious setback for my Hackint0sh setup (which is a small box with only an external DVD drive).


VLC, Handbrake and OSXBMC are not affected by the way.

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