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Problem with finishing my Kalyway Installation


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GA-EP35-DS3R Rev2.1

Intel Q6600 G0 95W

80GB Exel Store J880S


ATI x600 Pro Radeon

4GB Kingston Ram


Boot from Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD


DVD Boot, Install Screen working (HD formatet with Extend journ.. Guid)

Install opions: Vanilla, Boot Efi guid


Installing works all the Way and at the End i get


"Install Failed"

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sory but i speak a little english...


why don`t you try with de mbr intallation??? you should format the partition where you will install osx then selec options and select mbr disk or something like that and then you format the disk in mac osx with registry mode.


and don`t install video drives yet


try it and tell me how it was



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That is probably the guid efi bootloader failing to load at the end.



There are two things you can try:


1) Install EFI guid manually on the drive you just installed on and it should boot into your installation.


2) Reinstall-Repartition and make sure you give the hard drive a name with no spaces.

I've heard there's a bug in the script in the boolader and will fail to install when the hard drive name has a space or spaces in it.

(You can rename your hard drive after installation if you really must have spaces)


I can confirm that #1 almost always works but I have never tried #2 since I like to name my install drives "Macintosh HD" and always

install the bootloader manually.

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MBR is working but

Install is very unstable

Changing language will end in an mix of english and any other.



#1 will test

#2 have no spaces


Will test and post if there is someting new


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