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10.4.8 install problem - component list inside


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Hello folks,


Long time lurker here. I've learned so much from everyone on here and I'm very appreciative. However, I've run into a little snag. I just built a new computer based on advice here on which components work best and what not and thought I had all my bases covered. However I'm getting the dreaded "still waiting for root device" error when I start with -v. I'm using Jas 10.4.8 ss3 (which I installed on my old dell just fine). Here is a list of my components:


Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L motherboard

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66 E6750 Conroe

OCZ Platinum DDR2 1066 2 GB RAM

Generic Firewire Card (dosen't work, recieved error so I removed it. I reccomendation for one that does work would be nice)

Sony DVD burner

Nvidia 7600GT Graphics Card

WD AAKS Sata Hard Drive

WD IDE Hard Drive


The sony DVD burner and IDE are on a shared IDE cable while the SATA drive is obviously on it's on cable. The IDE hard drive is on master and the DVD is on slave. The jumpers are set correctly as well. I even switched it arround to put the DVD on master and hard drive on slave but, I still got the "still waiting for root device" error so I switched it back. Another thing is the DVD burner and IDE hard drive were taken out of my old computer that I had osx on and it ran perfect. The DVD burner and IDE hard drive are fairly new(less than 4 months) as they were replacement parts for my old dell.


Anyways, I can't seem to get my head around this. I don't see why it can't see the hard drive as I've used the same hard drive and DVD-rom that I've used previously for the osx installation. I've got XP on the SATA drive and I'm planning on keeping it that way. I was going to temporarily unplug my sata drive but, I don't know if that will help.


Thank you in advance


p.s. I tried a 10.4.10 kalyway install & a JAS 10.4.8 SS2&SS3 install in addition to the 10.4.8 SS3 only

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I think I may have answered part of my question. Apparently the P35 chipsed dosen't recognize IDE/PATA. I looked at my motherboard and it does use JMicron. I'm going to try and find a patched version of osx to download or patch A version I already have. If all else fails I suppose I could try to use IDE to Sata adapters to get around it.


I'll keep you updated.

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