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Help! - Installing Leopard In VMware or Virtual Box!

Joby Kent

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Hallo all :P I'm New ive been on the Windowsedge.com forums for abit but I need you guys helps.. :D

Basically I cannot install leopard on my primary HD untill September due to reasons :( but I would die to try out leopard right now and REALLY want to use it!! I got VMware and Virtual box could anyone help me and guide me on how to install leopard ?



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VMWare installs have been widely done, and VirtualBox is promising but not quite there...


Here's the process with VirtualBox to get Tiger going, for reference purposes:



It seems possible to use VirtualBox with Leopard too:



Problem is that I can't get it to work. I've been using the pcwiz vmware vmdk as a handy starting point. Even with safe mode, adjusting the res down, setting all the backwards compatibility flags I can think of (-f, x86pc, etc.) I can't get it to fully boot. It loads the kexts, then VirtualBox either just abruptly closes, or reports a fatal error and gives a logfile that is (to me) both long and meaningless.


I've also tried almost every combination of settings in VirtualBox. Nothing seems to work. I've tried the native and ToH kernels. I will occasionally hack at it, but if I knew the source of the issue, it would go so far in helping guide the process.


Another set of solutions for Darwin under Virtual Box:


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