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Dumb ? But PROS are HERE - booting real mac to LEOPARD then using bootcamp.


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Okay, the rant, (actually, before I start, what is the latest in builds? I haven't been here a while and am wondering how fast (XBENCH users are up to compared to a Mac Pro?)


• Anyway, thanks to this group I own a mac and use REMOTE DESKTOP in tiger or leopard to access my hack, thank you very much.


• Today as Pro Tools won't run in Leopard, I installed Leopard on a FIREWIRE/e-sata HD and can use my macbook pro and boot to leopard. FWIW, I did see a great improvement in benchmarks, especially FPU (which is crucial to audio) when I went from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 which I did immediately. To bad I didn't take the time to transfer all the apps as it looked like it might have worked (from internal to external).


I found out XP (vista?) won't boot to external and am wondering if the geniuses here would know how or is this limited by BIOS? I ask as I would love to get BOOT CAMP running on this MACBOOK. Keep in mind, TIGER is on my internal HD, and I boot from external for 10.5. I read it can't be done, so was wondering if there are, if any, options?


I mean, with target disk working so well, you would think it would be pretty simple and not a limitation of windows - the reason is, I need some audio apps that are windows only....and I can't install/commit to Leopard yet as Pro Tools and some other applications, don't run on Leopard yet, therefore am stuck with 10.4. I also researched some and to my surprise, some at apple forum (SHOCK) said to look for beta 1.4 and somehow, this version of boot camp would work. I really like the slick ness of 10.5, but really want windows on the machine and VM or PARALLELS won't cut it for audio work.




Also, feel free to show me the latests hacks as I wouldn't mind updating to a newer stronger, bionic hack n tosh.



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