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GRUB Error 22


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Hi. New to this whole thing, so go easy on me.


I got my leopard installed correctly, (I think), but I'm having problems booting to it. I've seached for help here and elsewhere, but can't find anyone having the same problem.


I've installed the Darwin bootloader, and when I attempt to boot to the drive, I get "GRUB Loading", then "GRUB Error 22", then nothing.


I've insured the partition is active, I've re-written my MBR, I've re-partitioned/erased/re-installed (using MBR Type) in Disk Utility, and I'm not sure what else to do. Should I try a different bootloader? Which one and how do I put that on?


Can anyone help with this? I've posted PC specs in sig for reference.


Many thanks in advance.

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