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Change Startvolume


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I have the following partitions:


  #:					   TYPE NAME					SIZE	   IDENTIFIER
  0:	 FDisk_partition_scheme						*465.8 Gi   disk1
  1:			   Windows_NTFS						 90.0 Gi	disk1s1
  2:			   Windows_NTFS						 100.0 Gi   disk1s2
  3:				  Apple_HFS Mac OS X Leopard		55.0 Gi	disk1s3


I'm using GRUB as bootloader. If I select MAC OS X then Darwins bootloader comes, which wants to boot Windows. So I have to press a key and select Mac OS X.


I cannot change the Startvolume in System Settings:



Is there another way to change the Startvolume or to disable Darwins OS-selection?

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