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AGP ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder OR PCI Nvidia MX4000


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hello everybody,


i have the two video cards listed in the topic title. i just installed 10.5.1 kalyway on my computer with an ecs 848p-a7 mobo. my motherboard does not have integrated graphics. so i did the installation with my ati all-in-wonder card which was recognized as a vesa 2.0 device. i wasn't able to to change the resolution or anything but i was ok. i recently installed ilife 08 and when running imovie, it said i need a quartz capable video card or something

so right now i need drivers/kexts/whatever for this card

ATI Card Description

or this card

Nvidia Card Description


and before you start telling me to google it, i already have.

i didn't find anything, so yea...


according to this article: Apple

both of my cards are Quartz Extreme compatible

so now all i need is the drivers


my goal is to be able to have a 1280x1024 resolution

and be able to run imovie



thanks in advance,


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come on?

nobody knows?


btw, what's up with the search on this site?

i searched for author vinvam, no results

searched for mx4000, got nothing

searched for radeon, got nothing

something is seriously messed up


google site search worked better...

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