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Recommendations for buying a HackBook?

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I need to find my bro a good sub £500 notebook of good build quality and OK performance. Obviously when we wipe out the :( that Vista is and put OS X on it :angel: , it is sure to work like a charm whatever it is.

Any recommendations? On top of the £500 will be a Leopard licence of course.



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Look for a 2nd hand Macbook. EG:



(copy and paste the above link, it doesn't work otherwise :) )


Otherwise, you need to match all these different specs, and find the exact Notebook that works. Atheros/Broadcom wireless, SSE3 intel CPU, 945 or 965 chipset, compatible graphics, compatible sound, compatible network...They're out there, but it's a mission. Sleep probably won't work still. What a schlepp!


Get a macbook and you get a great little notebook that's fast, thin and light, works perfectly, sleeps and wakes beautifully, and has a high resale value...

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I would recommend 1 of 2 options:


1. Buy Apple. They're not particularly overpriced considering any other major OEM out there. It's not like Hackintosh where you can build your own and save money. Laptops have you stuck buying from SOMEONE and Dell and HP are {censored}s like usual, so if it were me I'd pay 20% more for a real mac. Plus, while I swear by hackintosh on the desktop side, with a notebook where every component is very specific, I'd just buy one that wouldn't have compatibility issues.


2. If you must buy a non apple notebook, I recommend www.xoticpc.com as they sell direct from the manufacturer notebooks. I recommend a Sager model. For the price of a macbook you can get something with Macbook Pro stats easy. Plus you can use the savings to max out the memory, buy a brand new 250 gig drive for your leopard install and still have enough cash leftover for a new iPod touch and such.


I wouldn't even consider buying anything from a major OEM at retail. They all suck in their own different ways.

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