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ATI x1900 all-in-wonder HELP


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I have installed Kalyway (no drivers installed with it) with combo update to 10.5.2 in GUID on a intel d820 3.2ghz, intel p945psn MB. no vanilla obviously.


I have an ATI X1900 all-in-wonder in PCIe with monitor hooked up via DVI.


I have tried to install the driver on the Kalyway 10.5.1 (ATYinject) with no luck, also I have tried jcools installer for x1900 XT with no luck.


All it has done is crash my install, which i have had to recover. Each attempt costs me ~1 hr as a result.


Any sage words of advice would be GREATLY appreciated.


I AM A SUPER NOOB. It's a wonder that I got this far (thanks in large part to the great info collected here).


Thank you in advance.

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