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Acer Ferrari Notebook Issues


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Heya, I've been looking through the site for 2 days solid now looking for a solution, but i've finally given up and am going to have to ask..


I have a acer ferrari 4000, i get the still waiting for root device error, what i've found its because it doesnt pick up my x200m chipset for the hard drive. I have the kext files for it, but all i can find on the site is to apply it once its installed. i cant even get to an install page. I can get the darwin boot menu, then press enter to install, and thats about it.


Stupid thing is, i'm a computer techy for a store, using a gui is easy enough, but i am lost looking at a black screen full of text.


Can anyone help, i've tried plugging in a few different usb hard drives but it still doesnt get past that point. Im attempting to install Leopard 10.5.1, one that supports AMD on the ISO. But still getting nowhere, they dont want to seem to install on VMware either,


Any help would be great, i think if i can get the ati x200m kext on the install disk somehow then it would pick up the hard drive and away i go :D





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